Liquid Wheels

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Liquid Wheels - Captivating Sensory Products for Multi-Sensory Environments

Experience the mesmerising effects of Liquid Wheels by Mike Ayres Design, the leading provider of sensory products and special needs equipment. Our Liquid Wheels are designed to create fluid areas that change colour, providing a captivating focal point for relaxation and sensory exploration.

Key Features:

  • Organic, ever-changing, and abstract imagery
  • Stimulating discussions and encouraging engagement
  • Each wheel offers a unique combination of colours for diverse sensory experiences
  • Durable and high-quality construction for long-lasting use

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Promotes visual tracking and attention
  • Enhances relaxation and sensory stimulation
  • Sparks imagination and creativity
  • Facilitates discussions and social interaction

Ideal for:

  • Multi-sensory environments in schools, clinics, and hospitals
  • Sensory rooms and sensory integration therapy
  • Creating immersive and therapeutic experiences
  • Unlock the potential of your multi-sensory environment with our sensory projectors, including sensory light projectors and sensory room projectors. These projectors complement the Liquid Wheels, adding dynamic visuals and enhancing the sensory experience.

For individuals with autism or sensory processing challenges, the sensory projectors provide a soothing and engaging environment, promoting sensory integration and facilitating relaxation.

Explore our extensive range of sensory products, including sensory toys, and discover inspiring sensory room ideas and multi-sensory environment ideas. At Mike Ayres Design, we are committed to providing high-quality sensory therapeutic resources that enrich lives and empower individuals with special needs.

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Note: Liquid Wheels include glass components and require careful handling and storage. Sensory projectors are the perfect addition to your sensory environment, creating a captivating and immersive experience.