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Mirror Ball

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Enhance Sensory Engagement with our Premium Mirror Balls

Introducing our high-quality and user-friendly Mirror Balls, a must-have sensory integration product in Sensory Rooms, designed by Mike Ayres Design, a leading manufacturer of Multi Sensory Environments and sensory integration products. With the expertise of occupational therapists and sensory integration experts, our Mirror Balls offer a captivating visual experience while providing therapeutic benefits. Discover the unique selling points and the versatile applications of our Mirror Balls in schools, clinics, hospitals, and other sensory environments.

Key Features:

Diverse Size Options: Choose from three sizes - 20cm, 30cm, or 40cm in diameter - to suit your specific needs and spatial requirements.
Visual Stimulation: The reflective surface of our Mirror Balls creates mesmerising light patterns, capturing attention and promoting visual engagement.
Versatile Compatibility: Our Mirror Balls are designed to be used in conjunction with an LED Pinspot light or with Optikinetics Projectors for enhanced visual effects.
Visual Comfort: For optimal visual comfort, it is recommended to position the Mirror Balls towards one side or corner of a room, combined with our super slow 1/2 RPM mirror ball motor, ensuring a gentle and soothing rotation.
Standalone Product: Please note that this purchase includes the Mirror Ball only. Additional accessories, such as the mirror ball motor and lighting equipment, can be purchased separately.

Therapeutic Benefits:

Visual Tracking: The reflective surfaces and gentle rotation of the Mirror Balls encourage visual tracking skills, helping to improve visual perception and eye coordination.
Sensory Stimulation: The captivating visual effects produced by the Mirror Balls provide sensory stimulation, promoting focus, attention, and exploration.
Relaxation and Calming: Watching the mesmerising light patterns reflected by the Mirror Balls can induce a sense of relaxation and calmness, creating a soothing sensory environment.
Visual Integration: Incorporating Mirror Balls in Sensory Rooms, clinics, and hospitals supports visual integration therapy, assisting individuals in processing and integrating visual information effectively.

Browse our website to explore our wide range of sensory products and special needs equipment, including our Mirror Balls. Immerse yourself in the world of sensory integration and discover how our products can enhance sensory experiences and promote therapeutic benefits. At Mike Ayres Design, we are committed to providing high-quality and durable sensory solutions, including mirror balls and other sensory toys, for individuals of all abilities. Join us in creating multi-sensory environments and discover the possibilities today.

Mirror Ball - Choose your Size


Please note this is the Mirror Ball only.