Optikinetics Cassette Rotator

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SKU: 0734-059

Cassette Rotator by Opti

The Cassette Rotator by Optikinetics helps create mesmerising visual displays by rotating a series of interchangeable image discs, or "cassettes."

The Cassette Rotator is easy to use and features a variety of control options, including manual and automatic rotation speed and direction. 

The OPTI 50mm Variable Speed Active Gate Cassette Rotator has been updated to include a new Active Gate feature, making cables a thing of the past. It is designed to work seamlessly with the latest OPTI Solar LED Projectors, and can simply be inserted without the need for any additional connections.
The rotator can be used with any new Solar LED projector and can rotate any standard moire or custom 50mm Effect Cassette at variable speeds ranging from 3 rotations per minute to 4 minutes per rotation.