Opti Sensory LED Projector

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Projectors are one of the most basic and versatile pieces of equipment used for multi-sensory work.

This NEW LED projector is as bright as the Solar 250 one, It is also much cooler, quieter, weighs less, does not spill as much unwanted light and you never need to replace lamps.

This projector also has the unique feature of having sockets to enable you to plug in switches to switch the effects ON and OFF and START and STOP the effects wheel.

It can present moving images over a whole wall, or with the use of rotating prisms and mirrors, around a whole room. It can also project onto a very small area to create a focal point for visual, cause-and-effect and choice-giving work.

Projectors can be used for shadow work, theming and area, art and technology (by creating your own wheels), numeracy work and literacy work as well as storytelling. There is a wide range of wheels, cassettes, lenses and attachments which allow very varied use.

A wheel or cassette rotator is required with the Opti Sensory LED projector.

Operating voltage: 220 - 240 volts at 50Hz Power rating 62 watts max.