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Sensory Parachutes

A parachute is one of the best pieces of equipment for encouraging cooperative play and gross motor skills. It is very impressive and great fun.

It can be used for individual and group activities indoors, in the Sensory Room and outdoors. Try using it as a tent, with the wind box or to project onto.

Here are a few of the games commonly played with the sensory parachutes:

  1. Parachute Ball Toss: Place soft sponge balls on the parachute and have children bounce and roll them, promoting coordination and teamwork.

  2. Parachute Run and Switch: Kids run in a circle, then switch places based on your cues (e.g., numbers or colours), improving cognitive skills and coordination.

  3. Parachute Run and Freeze: Cue the music, let children run around while manipulating the parachute, when the music stops have the kids freeze, improving listening skills, coordination, and quick reactions.

These games offer fun, physical activity, and sensory engagement for children.

1.75 metre or 3.5 metre diameter options

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