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The "Ultimate" Rainbow Light Bar

£1,895.00GBP Excl VAT Eligible for VAT relief
SKU: 2280-030

Rainbow Light Bar

Create wonderful moving rainbows of light colour!

Complete and instant control of the colour of any Sensory Room, just by the touch of a Switch. It will colour wash walls and surfaces to give colour mood within any room.

This is a unique Mike Ayres Design product. It can be used as a stand-alone piece of equipment or integrated with the Switch2 and Switch4 control system.

Features include:

  • Touch switch control by everyone
  • Works with any type of single switch or with a Nine Switch Keyboard and a fixed wall mounted keyboard
  • You can plug switches into a Universal transmitter for radio remote control from anywhere in the room
  • Eight standard colours with a one-touch adjustment to any colour in the spectrum
  • Adjust the brightness of the colours
  • The Switch4 interactive controller works with the Rainbow Light Bar, LED Strip Lights (for colour-washes), Spotlights, Floodlights and a range of other systems
  • Two automatic colour change programmes, four controllable ones, as well as the normal Switch control modes
  • Colour mixing; just touch any two basic colours and get the mixed secondary colour 8 very easy to operate programmes, including a completely controllable and spectacular 'rainbow' light effect

Size: 300 x 10 x 10cm Ceiling or wall mounted (can be made any length up to 300cm).

Any number of Rainbow Light Bars can be linked together to work from 1 or more Controllers. 

Note: The Wall Keyboard Switch must be purchased separately.

IP rated systems can be supplied, for use in pool areas and outdoors.