Sensory Trolley - Version 2 Coming Soon!

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 Sensory Trolley - Choose Your Version

The Sensory Trolleys are currently being updated. Watch this space!

The ultimate starter tool for promoting exploration and learning! This trolley is packed with a variety of sensory equipment to provide clients with an engaging and interactive learning experience while having the benefit of being able to take it easily from room to room.

Our new range of Trolley kits take inspiration from the cosmos and each version offers a different level of sensory equipment and opportunity. All versions are upgradeable with the Add-On Kits, further details of these are listed at the bottom of this page, so you can add to your trolley as you see fit!

The Sensory Trolley features a sturdy and durable design that can withstand the rigours of everyday use. The top area provides ample space for storing and organising sensory equipment, as well as securing projection units such as an Optikinetics Solar Projector. The rear has a lockable cabinet to store various resources, while the side tray section, is perfect for keeping small sensory elements to use with your clients. 

The Tauri Kit includes:

  • Sensory Trolley Wheeled frame with heavy duty castors with brake
  • Custom Tactile Floor Tile
  • Acrylic mirrored front
  • 3 x star knob stand fixings (so you can place portable equipment such as Opti Projectors on it)
  • 6 Coloured storage trays
  • Ability to upgrade and include Fibre Optics, Bubble Tubes and much more!

The Nova Kit includes the Tauri Kit, as well as:

  • In built Stereo Unit with CD & DAB functionality
  • Easy Switch Light Source with 2m Fibre Optic Tails ( 1280-232)

The Carina Kit includes the Nova Kit, as well as:

  • 2 x Switch Control System ( 1205-006)
  • 1 x Universal Transmitter ( 1205-063)
  • 4 x Low Profile Switch (0765-110)
  • 1 x Tactile Tile

The Supernova Kit includes the Carina Kit, as well as:

  • Sensory Trolley Bubble Tube Kit - Easy Switch ( 1926-410)
  • Bubble Tube Siphon (1926-040)

Whether you're a teacher, therapist, or parent, the Sensory Trolley is an essential tool for promoting learning and exploration in children with special needs.

    All above kits have the following features:

    • Six 13amp sockets on the Trolley to plug in switch control units, a sound system or any other equipment
    • 58cm wide x 100cm long x 110cm high
    • Goes through any door, turns on its own axis and can be used outside 2 excellent brakes on the back wheels
    • Space for sound system and speakers
    • The whole Trolley plugs into one 13amp socket
    • Area to Store 9 Switch Keyboard
    • Space for 2 x channel Switch control units, manual or radio remote, in whatever combination you want
    • 6 x handy, removable resource trays included which do not slide during transit.

    Additional Add-On Kits
     now available!

    Customise your choice of Sensory Trolley above to fit your client's needs with these additional Add-On Kits...

    Optikinetics Kit
    Opti Sensory LED Projector with Active Gate
    Effect Wheel - Set of 5 (MAD Favourites)
    Wheel Rotator - 1/2 RPM (Active Gate)

    Projection Kit
    Portable Mirror Ball - Motor & Stand
    Laser Twilight

    UV Kit
    Fluorescent Glow Sticks (Set of 8)
    Glowline - 24m
    UV Lantern - Portable
    Fluorescent Ripple Mat - 30 x 30cm
    Glow Gloves

    Switch Kit
    Dome Button Switch
    9 Keyboard Switch
    Sound Switch

    Bubble Tube (Easy Switch) Kit 
    Bubble Tube 1m 12cm dia
    Bubble Tube Siphon

    Bubble Tube (Switch4) Kit
    Bubble Tube 1m 12cm dia
    Bubble Tube Siphon

    Tactile Kit
    Wall tile x 2
    Custom Floor tile x 2

    (Designs may differ slightly from demonstration images shown)