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Shapes Infinity Panel

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Shapes Infinity Panel

This is a very interactive 'infinity panel' with features that no others have. The magical effect of four different coloured and shaped tunnels of lights can be controlled in many different ways.

It can be used for playing co-operative and competitive games by up to four people as well as for visual, colour, shape and communication work, or on a one-to-one basis.

It includes 9 interactive programmes and 2 passive. programmes: 

Explaining Our "Shapes Infinity" System

Often you would have to buy multiple different items to get this level of functionality, but not with Mike Ayres Design Shapes Infinity Panel. 
  1. Passive Single and multiple shapes light up and change colour in a random order.
  2. Passive Rainbow Single and multiple shapes light up in a rainbow of colours . The rainbow of colour moves around the shapes as they fade in and out of view.
  3. Select colour & shape Touch any shape on the touch panel and the corresponding shape will light up. Then touch any colour and the shape will change to that colour.
  4. Copy colour Touch the colour that corresponds to colour of the shapes and get an audio and visual reward.
  5. Copy shape Touch the shape on the touch panel that corresponds to the light shape and get an audio and visual reward.
  6. Copy colour & shape The panel will show a random shape in colour and you must touch the shape and colour to get the reward. You can do this one after the other, so it is good for one-handed use.
  7. Copy colour & shape, using two hands This programme is the same as the one above but you must touch the colour and shape at the same time. This is designed to encourage use of both hands together.
  8. Simon Game Like the traditional Simon Game, you have to repeat the sequence of colours shown. Each time you do it, one more colour is added. Your score is displayed on the Control panel and when you get it wrong the sequence starts from one colour again.
  9. Latched colour & shape Touch a shape and that one lights up in white then touch a colour and the shape changes to that colour. Touch the same shape again and it will switch off. Touch another shape and it will light up. Touch a second or third shape and they will also light up. Touch any colour to change the last shape that you touched. You can experiment with displaying multiple shapes and colours
    together.Passive - colours change by themselves every 10 seconds. You can also control the speed of change.
Size: 87 x 75 x 8cm (wall mounted)