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Soundscapes CDs - Sold Individually

Soundscapes are a combination of an audio CD, with continuously playing background sounds of specific environments or scenes, and a WAV sound CD with a wide range of individual sound effects associated with that particular subject.

This makes them ideal for themed environments and storytelling.

There is free software that allows you to download a keyboard to trigger any of the individual sounds via your computer. You can also download them to iTunes and use them directly or via an iPod.

In this way, you can play the background sounds and the individual sounds together whenever you want.

Soundscapes are unique audio CDs that combine continuous background sounds of specific environments or scenes with a wide range of individual sound effects in WAV format. These CDs are now available for purchase individually, making it easy for you to choose the themes that resonate with you the most.

Each Soundscapes CD is ideal for themed environments, storytelling, or personal relaxation. You can also use free software to download a keyboard to trigger individual sounds on your computer, or transfer them to iTunes or other media platforms for use on your phone or MP3/4 player.

Explore the diverse range of Soundscapes themes:

  1. Space Environment - Immerse yourself in the sounds of outer space, featuring rockets, satellites, aliens, and planets.
  2. All at Sea - Sail away with ocean sounds, including pirates, sea waves, storms, seashells, and mermaids.
  3. Up In the Air - Soar with sky-themed sounds, such as planes, birds, clouds, and rainbows.
  4. Seaside - Relax to the calming sounds of the sea, including waves, seagulls, boats, and wind.
  5. Underwater - Dive into the underwater world with sounds of dolphins, whales, fish, and bubbles.
  6. Battlefield - Experience the intense sounds of war, featuring guns, explosions, tanks, and helicopters.
  7. Jungle - Enjoy the soothing sounds of nature, including birds, monkeys, insects, and waterfalls.
  8. Town - Immerse yourself in urban life with sounds of cars, sirens, people, and music.
  9. Horror - Get chills and thrills with haunted house sounds, including ghosts, monsters, screams, and creaks.
  10. Countryside - Appreciate the tranquil sounds of rural life, featuring cows, sheep, tractors, and streams.

Benefits of using Soundscapes CDs:

  • Auditory stimulation, relaxation, and communication enhancement.
  • Development of sensory awareness and integration.
  • Mood and well-being improvement.
  • Stress and anxiety reduction.
  • Increased attention and focus.
  • Support for sensory integration needs.
  • Creation of a multi-sensory environment.
  • Enhancement of storytelling skills.

The Soundscapes CDs are user-friendly and come in protective plastic cases. They are compatible with any CD player or computer. Elevate your sensory environment and explore the benefits of these exceptional sound products, now available individually. Discover more on our website to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.