Southpaw Bolster Swing

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Southpaw Bolster Swing - Choose Your Version

If a therapist has to select just one piece of suspension equipment, a Southpaw Bolster Swing is a great choice because of all the different ways you can use it!

The Southpaw Bolster Swing is designed for maximum flexibility and utilisation and comes with a host of features that other competitors swings do not. This is not just a "sausage on 2 ropes"!

The Bolster Swing comes complete with a Upper Works and Upper bar which includes a built-in safety rotational device and  5 x safety snaps along with vinyl-covered ropes for added client protection. 

The swing requires a minimum suspension height of 245cm to use effectively. It can be suspended from 1 point using the Upper Works, or these can be removed to allow a 2 point suspension from the Upper Bar.

The Pony Bolster is very similar to the Standard Bolster Swing, but is ideal for use with smaller clients or children as it is 30cm shorter than the standard.

Southpaw Bolster Swing

Weight: 11kg

Dimensions: 120 L x 175cm H; 20cm dia

Working load: 160kg

Southpaw Pony Bolster Swing

Weight: 10kg

Dimensions: 90 L x 175cm H; 20cm dia

Working load: 160kg