Southpaw Suspension Equipment

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Southpaw Suspension Equipment - Choose your Version

Southpaw Suspension & Height Adjustment Kit. Is everything you need (except the ceiling hook) to safely suspend your Southpaw equipment from ceilings up to 4m high. The kit includes a safety snap, rotational device, 3m of therapy rope with eye splice, and a height adjuster with safety snap. These items may also be purchased separately.

Southpaw Safety Snap. This offers a fast and dependable method for linking two suspension items. Their self-locking gate guarantees that the snaps remain securely closed even when exposed to heavy loads or unexpected impacts. One of the benefits of the "oval" shape of these snaps is that it lowers wear and tear on both the eyebolt suspension point and the Safety Snap. This feature can help prolong the life of your equipment. We suggest selecting Southpaw Safety Snaps for this reason and avoiding "D" shaped carabiners.

Southpaw Safety Rotational Device. As rotation is a crucial aspect of numerous therapy routines, our safety rotational device is designed with a sturdy metal body and smooth roller bearings that allow for unhindered rotation. 

Southpaw Eye Splice 3m Rope. Is a specially designed steel loop that is mechanically fastened to the 3m length of Therapy Rope.

Southpaw Height Adjuster. The unique height adjustment mechanism sets this product apart from others in the market. It provides a reliable solution for suspending lightweight equipment and clients, giving you the confidence to use it in any situation.

Southpaw Suspension & Height Adjustment Kit

Weight: 3kg

Working load: All items have a 455kg Working load

Safety Snap

Weight: 0.15kg

Dimensions: 10cm

Safety Rotational Device

Weight: 0.4kg

Dimensions: 17cm

Southpaw Eye Splice 3m Rope

Weight: 0.6kg

Dimensions: 300cm

Southpaw Height Adjuster

Weight: 2kg

Dimensions: 14cm