Ceiling Clouds

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Ceiling Cloud - Choose your Version & Style

This wonderful cloud shape will create an area to focus on ceilings that are boring, cluttered or too high. In large areas you can include a combination of Various Ceiling Clouds with or without lights.

Our Standard version of the Ceiling Cloud suspends from the ceiling, whereas the "Anti-Ligature" version is fixed to the ceiling.

Depending on the version chosen, it can contain 200 points of gently changing coloured lights, thus creating a galaxy of stars. You can have a purely Passive version which cycles slowly through the colours. Our Easy Switch System comes with the addition of a Double Switch Plate & Wall Socket. Or our premium model which is from our Switch4 system which gives full control of the fibre optics, linked to a wall controller.

The Ceiling Cloud comes in different styles to suit your theme and mood. You can choose from White, Blue Sky, Stormy Sky or Rainbow Sky.

Some of the therapeutic benefits of using the Ceiling Cloud are:

• It can help you or your clients with visual stimulation, relaxation and communication.

• It can help you develop your sensory awareness and integration by exposing you to different sensory inputs from the cloud.

• It can help you enhance your mood and well-being by creating a soothing and calming and yet stimulating atmosphere

• It can help you reduce stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation and enjoyment or by providing a safe outlet for emotions.

• It can support children and adults with sensory integration needs to have consistent access to the same sensory activities that benefit them during their therapy sessions

• It can create a multi-sensory environment in a home, clinic, hospital or school that can continue the benefits of occupational therapy outside of the OT’s office

• It can enhance your storytelling skills by providing background sounds for your narratives.

Explaining Our "Switch4" System

The Switch4 system has 8 different programmes and modes. Often you would have to buy multiple different items to get this level of functionality, but not with Mike Ayres Design Switch4 control. Plug any switch in and off you go!

Passive - colours change by themselves every 10 seconds. You can also control the speed of change.
Step Colour - Use 1 or 2 switches to step from one colour to another and control the bubbles.
Latched - Use 1 or up to 9 switches or a Nine Switch Keyboard to control bubbles and colours in ‘Latched’ switching mode.
Momentary - Use 1 or up to 9 switches or a Nine Switch Keyboard to control bubbles and colours in ‘Momentary’ switching mode.
Timed - Use 1 or up to 9 switches or a Nine Switch Keyboard to control bubbles and colours for times pre-set by you.
Simon - Use an appropriate number of switches or a Nine Switch Keyboard to play a ‘Simon’ game in which you press the correct switch for the colour shown. You can select any number and combination of colours to play with.
Colour mix - Pigments - Use 4 switches or a Nine Switch Keyboard to mix basic colours as you would if mixing paint (red and blue = purple etc.).
Colour mix - Use 3 switches or a Nine Switch Keyboard to mix basic colours as you would if combining different colour light (red and green = yellow)

Want to make your equipment have wireless control? Just add a Universal Transmitter (1205-063) and use with almost any type of switch (they do not have to be Mike Ayres Design switches).

Explaining Our "Easy Switch" System

Plug a single switch into the 'step colour' socket and each time you activate the switch the colour will change.
Plug another into the 'on-off' socket and the bubbles will stop and start with each touch of the switch.
Plug a Nine Switch Keyboard into the 'step colour' socket and you can choose any colour directly and even touch two colours to colour mix.
You can also switch the bubbles separately.

The wired nature of our Easy Switch system is not by accident or lack of technological progress. As many musicians still find, using wired systems provide a far more accurate, consistent and reliable effect. This far more preferential than temperamental" radio frequency switching devices that often need a Masters level understanding of IT.
The consistent nature of the Easy Switch system is vital for people with learning difficulties who may struggle to process basic cause and effect functionality. Plug it in, they can see it is plugged in and they can more easily process that what they are doing is having an instant effect.

The Ceiling Cloud is easy to use and maintain. It comes with 4 x Screw Eye hooks & 4 x 1m length of adjustable wire for suspension or fixing. It also comes with a power supply and a remote control for the lights.

The Ceiling Cloud is one of the best cloud products in the UK for sensory integration. It is a simple yet effective device that can benefit your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. If you need modern LED ceiling lights or any other LED ceiling lighting we have it all. Browse our site for more sensory products and find out how they can improve your sensory environment.

Another fantastic product by Mike Ayres Design - we design Multi Sensory Environments and manufacture Sensory Integration products. This is one of our many high-quality and durable products that meet the special needs of people with different abilities and preferences.