Tactile Floor Tiles - Were £79, NOW £20!

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SKU: 0631-006
Number of Floor tiles

For a limited time only, single tiles were £79, now only £20!

Also available in set of 6, 9 & 12.

Get in touch if you'd be interested in a special offer bulk order!

Create a floor of many different tactile areas to walk and move about on. Explore and experience with any part of your body.

All of the different interchangeable textures available are very carefully made to be comfortable to move about on, while having very different tactile qualities. Each texture is 40cm square, are approximately 1.5cm high and come with a non slip backing.

It is well known that sensory tactile exploration can help with cognitive development, language development, fine motor skills, and emotional regulation. It can also help with sensory integration, provide a sense of calm and relaxation, and can be used as a tool for self-expression and communication.

They are designed to be extremely robust whilst offering good tactile feedback.

Please note that the images are shown in order (Blue Fuzz at the top & Bush at the bottom).

The Set of 6 Includes:

  • 0631-103 - Blue Fuzz
  • 0631-108 - Spiral (Colours may vary)
  • 0631-113 - Yoga
  • 0631-116 - Dalmatian
  • 0631-118 - Grid
  • 0631-120 - Astro

The Set of 9 includes all tiles from the Set of 6 plus:

  • 0631-111 - Swimming Pool
  • 0631-115 - Popper
  • 0631-124 - Reflect

The Set of 12 includes all tiles from the Set of 9 plus:

  • 0631-101 - Shuttle
  • 0631-110 - Holey (Colours may vary)
  • 0631-123 - Bush

Alternatively buy them in singles and create your own set!