Tactile Wall Tile - Construction Site

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SKU: 0725-110

Tactile Wall Tile - Construction Site 

Textures - Yellow Chain and Silver Dome Plate

Follow the site rules, but don't stay back! Get involved and pull the chain and run your hand over the textured steel plating for that real industrial feel.

Sometimes it is better to have tactile experiences spread out over a larger area, or just have a few to compare at one time. The tactile wall tiles enable you to do both.

The 40 x 40cm squares have special fixings that enable them to be attached to any wall and be changed around from time to time. They are designed to be very robust, offer good tactile contrast and look attractive; individually and in groups.

There are no others that compare to them.

Size: 40 x 40cm - The textures and materials may differ from those shown here, depending on availability and design improvement