Touch Sound Light Panel - Horizontal

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SKU: 2353-020

Touch Sound Light Panel - Horizontal

Our Touch Sound Light Panel is a wonderfully interactive panel that is instantly responsive to the most sensitive touch, yet is built with the quality expected from Mike Ayres Design so as to be robust.

This version has all the same functionality as the 2353-001, but offers a different orientation which is perfect for smaller clients or collaborative play.

The panel offers a range of games encourage individual and cooperative interaction, each with different levels of difficulties. I can be used by anyone of any ability, from the most dependent child to the most energetic adult.

Spectacular coloured panels light up and give very good notes and sounds just by touching them. The ‘Simon’ game challenges both your dexterity and memory.


  • 8 interactive games and variations
  • 16 different instrument and sound options.
  • Creates wonderful colour and rainbow effects
  • Adjustable times for completion of games and difficulty levels
  • Responds to finger tip touch and up to adults thumping it
  • Adjustable background light level
  • Can be installed anywhere

Designed and made by Mike Ayres Design in the UK. Please note, current design does not include the lockable door, as access to the control panel can be locked to prevent Users changing modes.

Size: 55cm high x 210cm wide x 8cm deep

For instructions on how to use the Touch Sound and Light Panel, please watch, and share, our video featured below: