Universal Transmitter

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SKU: 1205-063

Universal Transmitter

The Universal Transmitter (also Known as Universal Remote) will wirelessly control any equipment plugged into either one of our Switch Control Units or any or all of all our Switch4 equipment.

Just plug any switch into the small (3.5mm) or large (6.4mm) jack sockets, select the channel or piece of equipment that you want to use and start using your switch.

It also works really well with the Nine Switch Keyboard (0765-509), enabling you to switch up to eight different pieces of equipment plugged into Switch Control Units, or all the internal functions of any Switch4 equipment wirelessly/remotely.

Set the Universal Transmitter to 'Bubble Tube' and it will automatically understand the colour change functions within the Switch4 Bubble Tube, and switch the colours appropriately.

The Universal Transmitter gives your wired equipment the "best of both worlds" and is a great addition to a Sensory Room.

Works up to 20 metres away.

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