SPACE Centre, Preston

The SPACE Centre has one of the largest and most versatile multi-sensory rooms in the UK and Mike Ayres has been involved in the design and equipment right from the beginning, over 25 years ago.

We have 8 groups a day and are open 7 days a week, so we have replaced the floor and slide cushions over the years, but the basic design has stood the test of time, so much so that we are keeping this design in our new sensory room. As always, Mike continues to plan meticulously for our new room, challenging us to examine our objectives so he can create the best room possible for our needs. Mike endeavours to ensure that the sensory room and equipment in it are appropriate for your aims and clientele.

We have found equipment from Mike Ayres Design to be of the highest quality, from the cushioning to the bubble tube components which means everything is durable and needs little maintenance. Mike can also adapt equipment in his own workshops which we find very useful as standard equipment does not always meet our needs. It is very reassuring to speak to a company that so clearly understand not only the mechanics of the equipment, but also the therapeutic reasons for it.

In my experience many people struggle with switching systems as they can be complex and temperamental, we have had Mike Ayres Design's Switch2 system for many years and it is still working and is simple and easy to use. The new Switch4 system is the next generation of this system and also offers flexibility and ease of use.

As an Occupational Therapist with 33 years experience in the field of disability I can recommend working with Mike and his team as I know they are committed to producing aesthetically pleasing, high quality products that meet the therapeutic need.

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